Like A Stalking Jason, The Console Update For 'Friday The 13th' Is Coming

Those if you patiently waiting for updates to the PS4 and XB1 versions of Friday The 13th are going to have to keep waiting. Gun Media addressed all the issues with the game's console ports saying that updates were on the way, however, they were going to be taking longer. There's really no explanation given as to the delay or what issues they'll be addressing, and because of that, fans were obviously not thrilled with the news.

Friday The 13th: The Game has been one of the biggest fan-driven games of the year so far, and because of that, people are mad because of all the issues they've had since launch. And it doesn't appear as if their collective disapproval and outrage over issues are going to be quelled anytime soon. The game currently is one of the most watched on Twitch this month, which has also led to people pointing out all the graphical errors and server problems they're seeing on the PC version. (My personal favorite is watching counselors jump through windows and fall through the floor.)

What fans are having a hard time grasping is that Gun Media didn't realize how popular Friday The 13th would be once it was finally launched, as indicated by the connection issues as the servers try to compensate for all the traffic. And when you are popular, people find more things and become critical, all while forgetting that the game is still an indie title that went through a ton of development to make happen. That may not be the thing fans want to hear but it's the truth.

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