Lovecraftian Horror Game Inner Voices Will Release On May 10th On Steam


This latest horror game markets itself as "some good news coming all the way from Poland to fans of H.P.Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe or Steven King's prose, who also happen to fancy atmospheric horror games." So basically, anyone who enjoys sitting in the dark and scaring themself silly. Or those of you with something to prove about not being scared all the time. Don't worry, I know that feel so won't be judging you on it.

Inner Voices is a dark first-person adventure game with horror and rogue-like elements. The player will be playing as John Blake, a man trapped in a dark dimension with no memories left whatsoever. Moving through what seems to be a dark purgatory, the player will be gradually revealing the secrets of John's lost life, all the while accompanied by a dark force, twisting both the protagonist and the world around him. Pretty spooky right?
Players will have to move through a semi-randomized, ever-changing maze filled with logical puzzles with different levels of complexity. Solving the puzzles, making some tough decisions, and following the mysterious story will eventually lead to one of the five possible endings.
The game was designed both for traditional and virtual reality play and, according to the publisher, will soon be Oculus ready. Inner Voices also offers partial gamepad support with full in-game functionality, which is good news for both VR players and those more familiar with gamepads, you know, like us filthy console peasants. The game will also be available in four cinematic languages: English, Polish, Russian and Turkish. Which is pretty ambitious for such a small game studio.


To engage yourself even more, the publisher of Inner Voices, Fat Dog Games, invites you to check the game's soundtrack and play the mini-game based on the world of Inner Voices, both of which are available on Game Jolt. While the mini-game isn't much, it's got pretty stripped down controls, the soundtrack of Inner Voices really does a damn good job of making even a simple game like the John's Calamity feel menacing.

Fat Dog Games is planning on handing their new product to players all over the world on Steam. The demo is already available and the full game will be out on May 10 2017. You can also pre-order the game with a 10% discount on Kinguin.


The developers have already created a Twitter account for protagonist John Blake, over at @JohnInnerVoices which has shared some pretty fantastic tweets like this one below. I definitely recommend giving that page a look over, even if you have no intention of picking up Inner Voices just because, well, that's some fantastic dedication to character, yeah?


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