Lúcio In The Spotlight As His Unique Game Play Comes To Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard has released a new hero spotlight for Lúcio as he joins Heroes of the Storm from Overwatch. The character is unique in that his abilities can be both offensive and defensive. He plays one of two songs at all times. One gives a speed buff while the other a healing buff. But if you choose Reverse Amp as his heroic ability, those same buffs work against your opponent, slowing them down or doing damage over time. A lot of his abilities focus on speed with his wall ride trait giving him a speed buff and you can use soundwave to push opponents back as you are trying to get away. The character seems balanced between healing and damaging which is a pretty interesting combo. I was a bit surprised that this was the next hero chosen, there are some more popular ones in Overwatch… but his game play is so different than any other hero in the Nexus that he is something new and exciting to try.

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