Dragon Ball Super CG: Cross Spirits Confirmed To Have God Boxes

It has been confirmed that "God Box" booster boxes of Dragon Ball Super Card Game's lastest expansion, Cross Spirits, are in circulation. What exactly does this mean and how can you tell if your booster box is a God Box? Let's get into it.

Cross Spirits banner. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Cross Spirits banner. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

First, you must understand what comes in a standard booster box of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game as well as what a God Pack is.

A standard Dragon Ball Super Card Game booster box contains 24 packs, and those packs have twelve cards each. With current sets, you can expect a booster box to yield seven "hits." The most common spread is five SR (Super Rares) and two SPR (Special Rare). If you are incredibly lucky, one of the SR slots will be replaced by an SCR (Secret Rare), which is the rarest type of card to pull.

A God Pack changes that spread slightly, as it is an oddity that includes three hits in a pack. Here is the essence of what this rare type of pack is, quoted from my "What is a God Pack in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game?" guide which you can read in full here.

A God Pack is when every single card in the pack is a foil. You will receive nine regular foils, followed by three great pulls. In the past, the final three cards have been three Super Rares. With the newest set, Cross Spirits, the final three cards consist of two Super Rares and then, finally, one Special Rare.

In the past, a booster box with a God Pack inside meant that this booster box would not contain a Secret Rare. However, with the release of Cross Spirits, word spread that this would no longer be in effect. I can confirm here, after witnessing multiple openings, that booster boxes of Cross Spirits can, in fact, contain both an SCR and a God Pack. These boxes are becoming colloquially known as God Boxes.

Hopefully, Dragon Ball Super Card Game continues this in future sets. Stay tuned for more openings, reviews, and DBSCG coverage here at Bleeding Cool.

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