Manga Creator Junji Ito Never Got to Start Work on Canceled Silent Hills

Perhaps best known as the P.T. demo, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's scrapped Silent Hills game was cancelled in 2014. The game also had a third major collaborator, horror manga writer and artist Junji Ito, who is best known for his short works like Uzumaki and The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Ito was brought onto the team to design the monsters players would encounter throughout the course of the game.

While del Toro has been vocal about the project and its cancellation and Kojima has started work on the epic and confusing Death Stranding, Ito has always been very quiet about Silent Hills and its cancellation.

Thanks to a Q&A at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Ito revealed the reason why:

While the news is disappointing, because seeing what Ito's take on Silent Hill monsters would be absolutely fascinating, it seems we will forever be deprived of the pleasure.
Silent Hills was cancelled in 2014 when the relationship between Kojima and publisher Konami fell apart. Kojima went on to start his own game development studio and production company, Kojima Productions, which is working on Death Stranding. Interestingly, Kojima has given del Toro a cameo in Stranding though Ito appears to be absent.

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