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It's been a very long journey bringing Junji Ito's Japanese horror manga Uzumaki from the page to the small screen, but a sign of hope was shared this evening – coming out of Adult Swim's Toonami-themed event during San Diego Comic-Con First announced during 2019's Crunchyroll Expo, the 4-episode anime adaptation is being animated by Studio[...]
Junji Ito's Bloodsucking Darkness On The Way From Fangoria Studios
Junji Ito's Bloodsucking Darkness is getting a feature adaptation from Fangoria Studios This is a vampire story from the legendary manga creator's book Smashed, and two more live-action feature films are on the way from the same collection Executive Producer and screenwriter Jeff Howard (THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, MIDNIGHT MASS, OCULUS) will develop the screen[...]
Viz Media To Publish US/Japan Horror Manga Anthology With Junji Ito
Viz Media is to publish a new horror anthology of six stories by manga creators from both Japan and the USA.  Betwixt will be published in the autumn and will contain cover art and a forward from horror manga master Junji Ito Creators include Ryo Hanada, Aki Shimizu, Shima Shinya, Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Leslie[...]
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We're not sure if we've gotten the point across clearly enough in our previous posts, so just so there's no confusion? We're really looking forward to having Junji Ito & Netflix's anime Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre infect our screens on January 19th And now we have an official trailer to feed[...]
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With only a little more than a month to go, we've got some big news to pass along regarding Junji Ito & Netflix's anime, Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre First up, we have some creepy-cool key art for the season (which you can check out below) We also have some new casting[...]
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Between the look behind the scenes at how production was going back in the summer to the preview images, teasers, and more that have been released since then, Netflix has done a great job convincing someone who doesn't normally watch anime (nothing personal) that he needs to check out Junji Ito & Netflix's Junji Ito Maniac:[...]
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The last time we checked in with Junji Ito & Netflix's Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, we were passing along new key art as well as preview images for four of the 20 tales set to hit our screens ("Ice Cream Truck," "Tomb Town," "Library Vision" & "Headless Statue") But this time[...]
Adult Swim, Junji Ito, Doctor Who, She-Hulk & AEW: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Davies on addressing younger Doctor Who viewers & climate change, AMC's Kevin Can F**k Himself wraps up in bold, game-changing style; we're already fans of Junji Ito & Netflix's Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, and AEW has some "scissoring" and "sports entertainment" matters to attend to. Image: Disney+ Screencap, Netflix, Adult Swim, AEW[...]
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The last time we checked in with how things were going with Junji Ito & Netflix's Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, we had four new images and some casting news to pass along With the series set to debut sometime in 2023, the anime reflects 20 stories from Junji Ito's library, all[...]
Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre Images & More Released
Netflix released four new preview images for Junji Ito's Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, an anime adaptation based on a number of the manga artist's works With the series set to debut sometime in 2023, the four images you see below are from the 20 stories reflecting titles such as "Hanging Blimp," "Tomie・Photo,"[...]
Junji Ito Forced to Watch Creepy Ads in Effort to Scare Him
Junji Ito is the reigning Master of Horror in Japanese manga He has created thousands of pages of horror comics since the 1990s with various live-action movie, TV, and anime adaptations We're still waiting for the new anime adaptation of his classic Lovecraftian horror series Uzumaki (translation: "Spiral") to hit this year, and he is[...]
Junji Ito Maniac: New Images Unveiled For 2023 Netflix Series
Exciting news for fans of Junji Ito's work, the Netflix Geeked account on Twitter released some new stills and some of the cast for the upcoming Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre arriving in 2023 And while the news of the series alone was enough to get fans talking, the casting news and preview images are[...]
Dissecting Junji Ito Through A VIZ Media Interview For SDCC
A master of horror manga, Junji Ito, appeared in a video from Netflix announcing a new series, Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre The almost four-minute-long video provides some information and background to the work we are to expect from this new series. A still of Tomie, a horror manga by Junji Ito, as shown in[...]
Uzumaki: Junji Ito Plays a Role in the Anime Version of His Manga
The celebration of Toonami's 25th anniversary has made its way over to the world of a highly anticipated horror anime, Uzumaki based on the manga of the same title by Japanese manga artist Junji Ito. Source: Uzumaki/Twitter If you're a fan of the twisted and insane imagery as well as the storyline of Uzumaki like I am, seeing a[...]
Uzumaki: Junji Ito Plays a Role in the Anime Version of His Manga
Uzumaki, the upcoming anime adaptation of Junji Ito's classic Lovecraftian horror manga, has a new surprise: it looks like the sensei himself is going to have a voice role in the show This was revealed in a 2-minute behind-the-scenes video shared on the anime's official Twitter account. "Uzumaki" panel, courtesy of Viz Media "Uzumaki" means "spiral" in[...]
Sensor is Junji Ito’s Most Ambitious Cosmic Horror Tale Yet
Sensor is the latest horror manga by Junji Ito and one of his best, a sprawling, meandering serialized story that unites many of his usual themes to create a saga of cosmic horror and existential dread. "Sensor" by Junji Ito cover art courtesy of Viz Media It's a very Junji Ito plot: A young woman arrives at[...]
Junji Ito Promotes Theatrical Release Of 'The Lighthouse' In Japan
Junji Ito has recently promoted Japan's theatrical release of The Lighthouse in the only way he could…through a summary black and white manga. The Lighthouse, an A24 film by Robert Eggers from 2019, has a particular style and look that connects well to Ito's own work The descent into madness, and of course spirals and such similar patterns, align perfectly[...]
Uzumaki: Horror Anime Gets A Release Window & First Episode Teaser
Junji Ito, the mind behind the horror manga turned anime miniseries, has a loyal and excited fan base behind his stories and body horror-themed drawings These drawings are a large part of the popularity that Uzumaki has gained. Source: Adult Swim/YouTube Supernatural and strange forces are always a theme in Ito's stories, often taking place in small towns[...]
Lovesickness: Is Junji Ito’s Classic Horror Manga Really a Comedy?
Lovesickness is a collection of one of Junji Ito's classic horror series from the 1990s It's a dark parable about urban legends, superstitions, and suicide This is one of the series that Ito is remembered for, but on a certain level, could it really be a comedy? "Lovesickness" cover art, Viz Media This series of stories is[...]
Remina: Junji Ito’s Horror is a Whole Planet!
Remina is one of Junji Ito's latest horror manga stories, and it's utterly nuts In a good way A horror story should be utterly insane, nightmarish, and irrational Ito understands this better than most storytellers He might have taken a few years off horror to draw a manga about his cat, but he's come back[...]
CrunchyRoll's Virtual Expo For 2020 Is This Weekend
We over here at Bleeding Cool have gotten the general line-up on events for the convention to share with you! At Virtual CrunchyRoll Expo 2020, you can explore the many districts of New Crunchy City! CrunchyRoll invites the international anime community to "explore the New Crunchy City from the comfort of their own home to celebrate the[...]
A screencap of the interview with Junji Ito hosted by VIZ Media, featuring the master of horror himself.
During today's Comic-Con@Home virtual panel, publisher VIZ Media interviewed Junji Ito, the acclaimed manga writer and master of horror media During the conversation, the masterful mangaka spoke of varied inspirations and answered questions posed to him by his audience across the globe. A screencap of the interview with Junji Ito hosted by VIZ Media, featuring the[...]
Tomie Deluxe Edition from Viz Media
Quibi continues their fake-it-till-you-make-it strategy and announced an adaptation of Junji Ito's infamous horror manga series Tomie Adeline Rudolph, fresh off filming the final production of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, will play the title character The new production will be written by Aquaman screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and European horror producer-director Alexandre Aja, who came[...]
A still from the Crunchyroll interview with Junji Ito, wherein Ito welcomes his audience to the Winchester Mystery House.
In a recent interview with Crunchyroll, Junji Ito, the mangaka (or writer/illustrator) of the acclaimed manga Uzumaki among many others, describes his inspiration for an assortment of his works This interview was conducted at the infamous Winchester Mystery House, known for its ever-expanding array of rooms and its presence in the movie Winchester, as well as meriting a[...]
The VIZ Media cover for Junji Ito's terrifying horror manga Uzumaki, which will soon be adapted into an anime series.
Junji Ito's horror-manga masterpiece Uzumaki is being adapted into a four-part anime, but concerns with their scheduled deadlines due to the COVID-19 have been very apparent Still, it is clear from the following storyboard stills, linked on Twitter from the official Uzumaki anime profile, that its team is on-schedule and still working diligently to ensure that[...]
Junji Ito Talks New Uzumaki Anime | Interview
In an interview with Crunchyroll recently published on YouTube, horror manga creator Junji Ito spoke about the origins of his work writing manga, the adaptation process with which his acclaimed manga Uzumaki will become an anime (to be released later this year), and some important tidbits of information surrounding the anime He even implied what may be[...]
Review: Junji Ito Adapts “No Longer Human” into a Masterpiece of Existential Horror
Junji Ito's full-throttle adaptation of Osamu Dazai's novel No Longer Human is one of the major comics events of the year We ran a rave review of it recently. Now publisher Viz Media has released a video interview with Ito about his approach to adapting one of Japan's major works of literature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpPIJC45RG8Video can't be loaded because[...]
Review: Junji Ito Adapts “No Longer Human” into a Masterpiece of Existential Horror
The book has been adapted into movies, TV series, anime and manga, but for horror manga-ka Junji Ito to adapt it is a major event. NINGEN SHIKKAKU © 2017 Junji ITO/SHOGAKUKAN No Longer Human tells the story of Oba Yozo, born in upper class privilege but perpetually alienated He hides his true nature from people, enduring childhood[...]
Viz Media Releases December Manga Solicitations
Tsurumi himself is on the way, with a contingent of troops and a gunboat to back him up! But if anyone can survive being surrounded by enemies and still keep Asirpa safe in this deadly conflict it's Immortal Sugimoto! For mature audiences. ISBN 13           978-1-9747-0500-9 On Sale Date   2019-12-17 Price USA        $12.99 Price CAN        $17.99 Dimension       5 3/4 x 8 1/4 Format           [...]