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Mario Kart 8's Tracks Are Surprisingly Massive

Mario Kart 8's Tracks Are Surprisingly Massive
Credit// Shesez

Thanks to the work of a YouTube quite literally breaking down boundaries in Mario Kart 8 levels, we've gotten a better look at just how detailed each track really is. If the images do indeed show the size and scale of the levels, well, tracks like Ribbon Road are far more massive than we give them credit. And far more details than we'd expect.

YouTube user Shesez runs a video series called Boundary Break, and they've broken outside the standard framework of Mario Kart levels to offer a zoomed out view of many of the game's tracks. The image reveals the highly detailed child's bedroom surrounding the toy-sized track. It looks less like a Mario Kart 8 track and more like a scrapped set for a Toy Story spin-off.

Shesez has done this for a number of Mario Kart 8 levels, and the Mute City DLC track is absolutely the most impressive when it comes to the scale of the world around the track.

In the image below, Shesez denotes how the actual racetrack is reportedly only a small portion of the fully built world in the game. Which is freaking absurd.

Mario Kart 8's Tracks Are Surprisingly Massive
Credit// Shezes

Shesez has posted a number of images to Twitter showing off tracks like Baby Park, Mute City, Ribbon Road, and Donut Plains 3 which shows an incredible amount of variation in scope. Some levels like Donut Plains 3 are surrounded by simple scenery, while Mute City is massively complex with the track only taking up a fraction of the map. According to the tweets these images are a preview of an upcoming video that you will be able to see on Shesez's channel very soon.

Shesez pulled these images from the Wii U version of the game, which was recently rereleased as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch.

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