Marvel Contest Of Champions Introduces Civil Warrior

Marvel Contest of Champions game often uses the latest film releases to add new content to their app driven game. When I first signed up, Ant-Man was in theaters and that was the new questline. There had been an Age of Ultron event as well and they did some fun things with Deadpool back in February. When April rolled around this year there was a Civil War update that allowed you to choose a side.

After that, a new character was introduced into the game. The Civil Warrior. Legend says he is a Captain America from an alternate Earth ravaged by the Civil War between his own army and that of Iron Man's forces. The two leaders mortally wounded one another. Steve Rogers survived but Tony Stark didn't. Dedicating himself to never allow something like that to happen again, he combined his own gear and power with that of the Iron Man armor.

He's a pretty cool design and the third time a character (I believe) has been created for the game. Guillotine was first and then Venompool. Here is a motion comic showing the Civil Warrior meeting up with some other armored heroes and them some of his moves from the game.



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