Mega Energy Available Through Free Daily Task In Pokémon GO

There has been an uproar in the Pokémon GO community after Niantic's release of Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is a new mechanic in the game that evolves certain Pokémon (currently Beedrill, Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard with plans announced to release Pidgeot, Houndoom, and Gengar) to a temporary new form with increased power. Pokémon GO trainers have been anticipating this mechanic for some time, but the controversy arises from the manner by which Pokémon attain this new form: Mega Energy. Mega Energy, much like Candy, is a species-specific reward in the game, but unlike Candy, it can primarily be won through raids. This was seen by many as a pay-to-play feature, as Niantic only offers one free raid pass to players daily, while others accepted this feature as something they can slowly grind in the game.

Mega Energy Available Through Free Daily Task in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Mega Energy Available Through Free Daily Task in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Niantic replied to the backlash with a promise to add more ways for players to grind Megas without spending money, and this has already come to fruition through a variety of new ways. Along with introducing a second quest to help players stock up on Mega Beedrill energy, there have been tasks introduced into Field Research that has offer this Energy. Some new information has come out, though, that shows players don't even have to leave their house to spin stops to achieve these tasks, as the free, bonus daily task given to every player has been confirmed to offer Mega Energy.

The current free daily task that can offer Mega Energy seems to be themed to the current event. The task, "Catch Five Bug-type Pokémon," offers five Mega Beedrill Energy. The specificity toward Bug-types suggests that Niantic may have plans to continue cycling the periods in which Energy for certain species can be won. As the events shift, it will be interesting to see what species will be featured in the daily task next and if this new way of gaining Mega Energy will quell the controversy surrounding this new mechanic.

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