Mega Man 11 Has Been Announced, and It's Coming Late Next Year

Earlier this week, we caught wind of a Mega Man 30th anniversary stream being held by Capcom. We also posited that it might well end up in a new game, and hey, what do you know? During the stream, it was announced that Mega Man 11 is happening.

mega man

Making this the first official Mega Man mainline game since 2010, it seems the character is on its way to a new revival. We will have a bit of a wait on our hands, though. It's not due out until late 2018, indicating a year-long wait. That said, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC release have all been confirmed. Here is the trailer:

I expected we might get original Mega Man graphics here, cashing in on the Sonic Mania wave, but it seems this is all new 3D and might be the pay off that Mighty No. 9 promise we never got.

This fanbase has really been waiting for this, and I super hope this the title to finally satisfy them.