Metal Gear Survive Charges Money For a New Save Slot

Metal Gear Survive charges money for a new save slot, it's been discovered causing many to question the decision.

Metal Gear Survive

Microtransactions are in a weird spot right now. It feels every game is under extreme scrutiny after several high profile conversations around games like Shadow of War, Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II. It seems patience with certain practices, especially things like loot boxes, is starting to wain a little bit. It means publishers are having to get… creative in how they implement post-game revenue streams into their games which have seemingly become important to most game's viability.

Konami has come up with… a rather interesting new form of microtransaction. As picked up by Gamestar (via ResetEra) following the game's launchMetal Gear Survive charges you money to open a new save slot. To open a new character slot, you need to spend 1000 survival points which is the premium currency in the game. To get the right amount, it will cost you $9.99. The only other way to start over with a new character would be to delete your current save file.

This is pretty wild. In such a sensitive time around the notion of microtransactions, this feels like asking for trouble. Save slots and other characters are the type of things you expect to see in a game, so taking those and then charging extra money for them seems like it's bound to get the internet abuzz. While it's clear companies are factoring in post-game revenue for games and it has become a part of the costs of games, moves like this could certainly only stand to poison the well a little more.