Minecraft Dungeons Officially Receives Cross-Platform Play

Good news for those of you wishing to play with any friend in Minecraft Dungeons, you can now do so as cross-platform play has come to the game. Now PC players can interact and play with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch players, no matter what the circumstances or combination of systems. In addition to this news, we also learned that cloud saves are coming soon to the game, which will change up how players are able to save with their various points in the game. Once available in the future, players will be able to play on one platform and use the cloud to pick up the game and current progress on another platform. No release date has been set for the cloud feature, but it's certainly one that has a lot of people's interest.

Now it doesn't matter what system you're on for Minecraft Dungeons, courtesy of Mojang.
Now it doesn't matter what system you're on for Minecraft Dungeons, courtesy of Mojang.

Dear reader, this is not the world's most heavily branded choose-your-own-adventure novel. It's a real dilemma for us who want to play Minecraft Dungeons with our friends on different platforms. Or, it was a dilemma – but not anymore! Once you download the free cross-platform play update that goes live today, you will be able to play with your friends no matter what platform or console they're playing on. Play the game together on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows! Finally, a party where nobody is sitting awkwardly in a corner watching others have fun.

In related cross-platform news, cloud saves are coming soon to Minecraft Dungeons! That means you'll be able to play on one platform, use the new cloud save feature, then pick up the game and your progress on another platform. While we don't have a launch date set for this feature, our team is hard at work and very excited to bring it to life in an upcoming free update. We hope to have more news soon, but for now you'll still need to save your files on each individual platform.

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