Minotaur Princess Launches Its First Closed Beta

Indie developer and publisher Bunnies4peace Studios revealed Minotaur Princess has entered its closed beta period. Probably one of our favorite titles we saw at PAX West 2021, the game has been kinda quiet since its debut as the developer has been working on it to get the ridiculous but fun title ready to go. No word on when we'll see an open beta or Early Access, but according to all accounts, the game is set for some kind of release before the end of Summer. While the test is going on,y ou can check out a gameplay video of it in action down at the bottom.

Minotaur Princess Launches Its First Closed Beta
Credit: Bunnies4peace Studios

Minotaur Princess is the story of Andrea, a princess who gets her body swapped with a minotaur and exiled to a faraway land. Now she must embark on a journey to find her homeland and reclaim it. Learn new items and abilities to customize your moveset before combat. The combination of turn-based attack planning and real-time combat gives you time to plan your attack while making you react to combat situations in real-time. Utilize 100+ different attacks and abilities to conquer your foes. Meet over 100 unique characters; some will be friends, and most will be foes.

The 7 realms of Urasha have their own subcultures and unique challenges they bring to the goal of reuniting… with yourself. Control your fate in combat: Skill matters. The difference between a poorly and perfectly executed fire spell is invoking a small flame and summoning a devastating meteor from the heavens. Summon familiars to fight by your side, pray to your deity to grant you strength, throw snowballs (with rocks) at your enemies, and beat them to a pulp with your hammer. With dozens of different abilities, you can create your combat style. Each ability has four tiers with varying degrees of power depending on your skill.

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