Missing Page Of Final Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Dialogue Revealed

If you played the current and final Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event, you might have felt confused by the story. Niantic shortened the event from its original state, cutting down tasks to allow players to finish it in a timely manner. However, this made it so many players ended up missing a piece of the dialogue that ended up being quite essential. In fact, this piece of dialogue wrapped up the entirety of Constance Pickering's arc. Constance was the longtime player's companion who was this year revealed to be the villain behind The Unforgivable, a cabal of dark witches and wizards using the Calamity against Harry, Hermione, and the player. Constance was a morally grey character who wanted to use both the Ministry and the Unforgivable for what she felt was the greater good: exposing magic to Muggles in order to help them. So how did her arc wrap up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Let's take a look.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite graphic. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite graphic. Credit: Niantic

Here is the full text of the missing dialogue from the final Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event, provided by TaskForceTimes:

Harry: Why don't you put your wand down, Constance? We can talk as long as you want, but let's let Grim and Penelope have the reunion they deserve.

Constance: I can't do that…

Harry: Constance, no!

Constance: Rennervate! There you go, Grim. You should be able to move again. I'm sorry for stunning you and everything I've put you and Penelope through. Go on, reunite with your wife and end the Calamity. I won't stop you.

Grim: Thank you, Constance. Now if you don't mind, I owe my wife an apology for taking so long to find her.

So Constance changes her plans to expose magic to Muggles — in her mind, saving Muggles — because… what, because Harry said "Constance, no"?

The implication is that Constance has empathy for Grim here, but wow. Is there a missing piece from this missing piece, or were the writers told that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was ending even after we were?

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