Monster Hunter Has A Puzzle & Dragons Crosover Event

Monster Hunter Has A Puzzle & Dragons Crosover Event

GungHo Online Entertainment announced a new crossover-event that brings Capcom's Monster Hunter,to the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons starting today, July 10th, and ending July 23Puzzle & Dragons is a mobile MMO which includes multiplayer dungeons and creature collection features, which makes it a pretty successful hybrid mobile game, in a world filled with mobile MMOs.

Puzzle & Dragons invites players to stalk their way through the treacherous lands of Monster Hunter in an all-new dungeon. With the inclusion of a new multiplayer dungeon, the Monster Hunter tie-in delivers a refreshing take on the classic Puzzle & Dragons experience that allows up to three players to cooperatively battle through the Multiplayer Monster Hunter Collab! Dungeon where Massacre Demon Diablos awaits them. Ranging in difficulties from Intermediate to Ultra G Rank, the new dungeon is home to a variety of monsters, including Amatsu, Valphalk, Kirin, Rathalos, and more.

As part of the new campaign, players will receive the Male Hunter upon logging into Puzzle & Dragons. The Female Hunter can also be obtained after clearing the Hunt-a-thon-Teams of 4 or less floor in the Monster Hunter Collab dungeon as a first time clear bonus. Hunters can evolve into more powerful forms after performing an Ultimate Evolution using the material items from the Monster Hunter Collab dungeons. Male and Female Hunters can also be purchased in the MP shop for 200,000 MP each.

For a limited time, players Rank 50 or higher will receive one free pull at the Rank 50 Monster Hunter Egg Machine. During the event, an in-game mail will be sent to those that have reached a Rank of 50. By pressing the "Start" button on that mail, one random featured collab monster will be received.

Rewards from the Monster Hunter Egg Machine are:


Massacre Demon Diablos













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