My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Makes Waves Upon Release

A new trading card game is taking hobby shops by storm. Jasco Games, the publisher of Funimation's toy and hobby games, released the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game on October 15th, 2021. Based on the popular anime, this new release is making major waves. The marketing team behind this release is also intent on making this product a hit, noting in their correspondence with Bleeding Cool that their distributors "believe the card game will come in fourth after Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic The Gathering."

My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game graphic. Credit: Jasco
My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game graphic. Credit: Jasco

Now, when I cover something, I dive deep. If you've followed my Pokémon TCG and Dragon Ball Super Card Game content here on Bleeding Cool, you will notice daily coverage with spotlights on the art, dissections of the market value, product openings and reviews, news, and more. I take reporting on a new hobby like this quite seriously, so when I heard of this new release, I headed over to a few of my local game shops to get a sense of how the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game was doing upon release. The contact I receive showed favorable comparisons to some of the biggest card games, so I had to see myself.

Shop owners seem to back up what Jasco has to say about the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game. The first set's booster boxes sold in numbers that surprised the store owners as well as some of the customers I spoke with. I managed to procure a pack of the cards myself to open, which I did while speaking to a player who had been a fan of Jasco's previous products. While my pack didn't yield any incredible pulls, it gave me my first experience with the cards. Thick with a velvety matte texture, these will be familiar in feel and quality to those who play or collect Digimon or Dragon Ball Super. The card art seems to largely use footage from the anime, though it looks like some of the bigger pulls, which I saw on display, had what I interpreted as original, new artwork.

If fans of My Hero Academia are able to get their hands on this new product, it seems like something that customers and hobby shops are excited about. Time will tell if it'll join the ranks of the Pokémon TCG and Magic: The Gathering, but it certainly seems as if it's off to a stellar start.

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