Mysterious "Leaked" Shiny Mew Card From Pokémon TCG: Celebrations

Well… this is quite intriguing. We are less than three months away for the release of the Pokémon TCG's 25th Anniversary set, Celebrations. We've begun to see promo cards for the set's products and early peeks at cards from the set's Japanese equivalent. However, the Pokémon TCG fandom was ablaze with speculation this week over what some believe to be a new leak. A Shiny Mew card, done in the Gold Card style we've seen in use since Sword & Shield base set, has leaked online with multiple pictures. Could this Shiny Mew be real? Let's see.

Mysterious "Leaked" Shiny Mew Card From Pokémon TCG: Celebrations
"Leaked" Shiny Mew card. Credit Pokémon TCG

First, please note that this is speculation. The Pokémon TCG has not commented on it and sources like the highly trustworthy Pokebeach have not confirmed the card's veracity. All we can do for now is look at the facts.

  • There are two different pictures of the card, which suggests that this is a physical card and not just a digital image. Earlier this year, we saw a fake Umbreon V Alternate Art leaked… but that was just digital artwork online. This, from the texture to the blurry first photo, seems to be a physical object.
  • The card is labeled 025/025. This would make it the first card done in this style that isn't a Secret Rare. Note, though, that Celebrations is no normal set. It could easily break the rules.
  • The card has the same moves as a confirmed real Mew card that will appear in the set. This could be used as either evidence for it being real or the opposite. It's an easy thing to copy a moveset down, but it also makes sense that it'd be essentially a rarer version of the standard card, which is something the Pokémon TCG routinely does.
  • The card is credited to Saki Hayashiro, and it looks unambiguously like her style. If this is a fake, it's an absolutely incredible copy of this artist's established style.
  • There is a fishy story behind this photograph leaking, which is the biggest tick in the "It's fake" column. Content creator Danny Phantump covers this here, going into the details about the weird story of how someone claims to have been granted the right to sell this card.
  • The only other major tick in the "it's fake" column is that it has yet to be verified. By now, you'd think that it would be but, instead, the conversation around this Pokémon card remains mysterious.

When more details come in on this strange Pokémon TCG situation, Bleeding Cool will be here to report.

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