New "Paper Mario" For Switch Reportedly Takes Inspiration From N64

There may be a new Paper Mario game on the way, according to a series of recent rumors, and it could take inspiration from the Nintendo 64 original. There hasn't been any official announcement from Nintendo that a new Paper Mario is currently in development, but a number of reports taken from a variety of publications have come forward claiming the same thing – plus, the fact that the game could very well arrive later this year on store shelves.

Paper Mario N64
Credit: Nintendo

But given the fact that Paper Mario has gone through several iterations over the years, fans are curious as to what this particular installment might play like. According to VentureBeat, the new Switch version that's apparently on the way would be more like the Nintendo 64 game that started it all, or at the very least similar to the GameCube version, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Fans flocked to these two entries in the series and continue to praise them as some of the best, so good sales would practically be set in stone here.

Unfortunately, the later releases of Paper Mario games weren't exactly met with much enthusiasm. The titles seemed to have gradually gone a bit downhill over the years, so hopefully, any new game in the series would represent a turning point with better quality games and narratives.

Right now, Nintendo is remaining mum as to what we can expect from the company going forward. Hopefully, since we have a ton of time on our hands to look ahead to cool new announcements, we'll see the Big N greenlighting a new Paper Mario as one of its upcoming new releases in the near future. It's just about time for a new release to grace our Nintendo Switches, after all, and who isn't hungry for a new Nintendo RPG?

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