New Puzzler Game Triversal Set To Be Released In July 2021

Indie developer Phantom Compass announced they will be releasing their new puzzler game Triversal this July. This is a super laid-back game that will have you calm for most of it until you get frustrated trying to figure out a puzzle. You will need to use spatial logic and problem-solving skills to place a luminous orb over a black hole. You do so by connecting it on stretchy tethers in space that will help you guide it. As you might suspect, it's simple when you start, and then the difficulty keeps being amped up. You can check out a couple of videos of it below as the game will drop on Steam on July 13th, 2021.

New Puzzler Game Triversal Set To Be Released In July 2021
Credit: Phantom Compass

The basic concept behind Triversal is simple — to progress to the next level, players must get a glowing token to sit firmly above a black hole. To do this, players will attach "tethers" to the token — flexible streams of light that pull it in one direction. Finding the right sequence of tethers to get that orb exactly where it needs to go is where the challenge begins. What begins with a gentle learning curve becomes progressively more difficult, as more and more tether anchors appear on screen, along with bonus coins that can be used to purchase helpful items, modifiers, and even more flexible nodes that move when connections are made. For streamers that would like to invite their audience to join in on the fun, there's the super handy "Streamer Assist feature" that allows viewers to chime in and offer helpful tips with an on-screen overlay.

"We designed Triversal to be a chill pick up n' play puzzle game," said  Tony Walsh, Company Director, Phantom Compass. "It's a relaxing but challenging experience that doesn't require a huge time commitment and can be played on the go or in between tasks, but still contains a level of depth and polish that make it stand out from the crowd."

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