New Years & Holiday Costumes Found In Pokémon GO Code

It's about that time. Costumed Pokémon are about to flood Pokémon GO for both the Holiday 2020 event and what appears to be an upcoming New Years' event. Dataminers have now found upcoming Costumed Pokémon in the code to go along with these events. While some of these have already been announced, others are brand new, featuring costumed that the player base was not yet told about including special variants of Slowpoke and Slowbro.

Datamined Pokémon GO assets. Credit: Pokeminers
Datamined Pokémon GO assets. Credit: Pokeminers

Thanks to the dataminers known as the Pokeminers, the following Costume Pokémon have been revealed in the Pokémon GO code:

  • Top Hat Pichu: This one is brand new to us. Likely tying-into an as-of-yet unannounced New Years Eve event, it looks like this Pichu will be hatching out of Eggs.
  • Top Hat Pikachu: Of course, this Pikachu will be spawning in the wild. If this is released before the clock ticks over, that will make three different Costume Pikachus released in December 2020. Honestly? I can't be mad at it.
  • Top Hat Raichu: Unlike recent instances of Costumed Pokémon, it looks like the Top Hat Pikachu will be able to evolve, as Raichu was added to the code.
  • Holiday Pikachu: This one won't be able to evolve, though, it seems. The winter sweater looks awesome on Pikachu, but be careful. It probably packs a hell of a static shock.
  • Holiday Delibird & Cubchoo: We knew about all the holiday ones, but here is a closer look. While it seems that these should be available in their Shiny forms, just keep an eye out. Top Hat Kirlia was also added to the code in its Shiny form for the Fashion Week Event but was never released.
  • 2020 Slowpoke & 2021 Slowbro: More New Year content, it seems, and wow. What a hilarious choice for a 2020 Pokémon. Looks like Niantic has a sense of humor about this one.

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