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Mobile Augmented Reality Fighting Game Jadu Has Launched
Mobile developer and publisher Jadu AR have released their new mobile augmented reality fighting game, which they chose to call Jadu: Fight In AR The game is basically designed to give you a fighting experience in the real world with the AR environment, as you'll encounter other players and battle it out on the streets[...]
Starfinder & Pathfinder Are Headed To Augmented Reality
Paizo revealed this week they have formed a new partnership with Mirrorscape to bring both Starfinder and Pathfinder to Augmented Reality Mirrorscape is in the process of releasing an Open Beta on iOS and Android devices, giving people a chance to experiment with AR titles on mobile Paizo has basically signed up both of their[...]
Subway Surfers Introduces The Series' First AR Feature
Mobile game studio SYBO revealed a new addition to Subway Surfers this morning, as the company will be adding a brand new augmented reality feature The team is launching Subway Studio, a new in-game AR system that will come with the next update to the game, giving you the ability to interact with many of[...]
TCL Unveils Augmented Reality Glasses During CES 2023
TCL brought an interesting announcement with them to CES 2023 as they showed off a new pair of augmented reality glasses The company brought two items to show off in this area as we have a new pair of spectacles in the form of the Rat Neo X2, which are an enhanced pair that brings[...]
Coca-Cola Releases New Flavor Called DreamWorld With AR Experience
Fans can scan any Dreamworld package on their mobile phone to access the Coca-Cola Creations Hub, where they can enjoy an Augmented Reality (AR) music experience created in collaboration with Tomorrowland; download an exclusive Dreamworld-inspired digital fashion collection for the metaverse via a partnership with DRESSX and more Coca-Cola Dreamworld will come to life IRL[...]
Square Enix Unveils Space Invaders Augmented Reality Mobile Game
This particular one will be a mobile endeavor as they're looking to make an augmented reality game, bringing the aliens and more to your everyday life as you walk around with your mobile device Not to mention having a modern art style that captures the original but brings it to life with today's capabilities The[...]
CartographR Aims To Bring Augmented Reality To Tabletop Games
CartographR Technology revealed plans for their new mobile app today, aimi9ng to bring augmented reality to popular tabletop games Simply called CartographR, the project was successfully Kickstarted a while ago as they developed an app that will allow DM's/GM's to share 3D virtual environments with their players in the physical world Rather than going out[...]
Niantic Partners With Punchdrunk To Make A New AR Experience
Earlier today, Niantic announced that they have officially partnered up with Punchdrunk to make a new augmented reality experience Punchdrunk, if you're not familiar with them, are the creators of the game Sleep No More, and have been working more with AR tech to make games more interactive and entertaining for players looking for an[...]
Microsoft Teases An Augmented Reality Minecraft Game For Next Week
Minecraft fans will be getting the next evolution of the game introduced to them soon as Microsoft teased an augmented reality version today The company posted the minute-long trailer on their Twitter page showing off what is clearly an AR setup on your smartphone, which brings elements of the game to the real world using[...]
Streamlabs Launches New AR Facemasks for Added Streamer Revenue
Streamlabs have launched a new set of augmented reality Facemasks for Twitch and YouTube streamers this week with the goal of helping them get more revenue The program will work like the Snap integration that Twitch has however, it will have a few differences to it First off, the viewers are given complete control over which[...]
Is There Finally Something On The Way From Magic Leap?
According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Magic Leap appears to be gearing up for a major release when it comes to augmented reality that is set to cost between $1,500 and $2,000 The company has been raising funds totaling $500 million in the hopes of sending out units within the next few months, the[...]
Nielson research on the VR/AR market indicates that while adoption of VR is still low, awareness is spreading, and it looks like VR is here to stay.
Microsoft HoloLens Has Given Us Real World Portal – Almost
What's important about that is you can now see what it would be like to live the world of Portal thanks to one fan and Microsoft HoloLens. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Portal in Augmented Reality with HoloLens ( Kenny W is a game developer working on augmented reality projects[...]
Swipe File: Madman And Standard
On top The Standard issue 5… With a slightly familiar exclamation mark? Nevertheless, The Standard does have it's own superhero, Super Dude and a look at how Augmented Reality is bringing him to life. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Now The French Do Augmented Reality Comics Better As Well
We've all seen and enjoyed the Augmented Reality that Marvel has been introducing into its comics of late. But that's nothing, as usual, compared to what the French get up to with their comics Here's an example using the graphic novel "La Douce" or The Twelfth by Francois Schuiten, published by Dupuis. Wow However at no point[...]