Nightmare Gets His Own Trailer for SoulCalibur VI

While it may not be everything people were expecting, Nightmare finally gets a trailer of his own for SoulCalibur VI as Bandai Namco released a special version on their European YouTube channel today. The trailer comes with some explanation about the character from the game's producer Motohiro Okubo, which you'll need to switch on the closed captioning feature in order to know what he's talking about as they didn't include subtitles. So you get a mix of him talking about the character as well as shots of him in action riding a dark steed into battle and improved animations on all of his attacks.

Nightmare Gets His Own Trailer for SoulCalibur VI
credit//Bandai Namco

We're personally big fans of the character, primarily because he's one of the few who actually has a story that shows progression. About 90% of the character in the SoulCalibur universe flow from game to game without any long-lasting effects. Nightmare's origins go all the way back to the original Soul Edge as the original Sigfried, who defeated Cervantes and took the legendary sword from him, only to be cursed much like Cervantes was and turned into a dark figure forever seeking power, while his son continues the Sigfried name and tries to free his father from the sword's evil powers. If only everyone had developed over time like that.

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