Opening Dragon Ball Super CG: Pride Of The Saiyans Starter Deck

Dragon Ball Super Card Game has officially released its fourteenth main expansion, Cross SpiritsCross Spirits, the fifth installment in the ongoing Unison Warrior Series block, introduces the new mechanic BOOST to the game. It includes cards featuring artwork inspired by and moments taken from iconic Dragon Ball Z, Super, and GT storylines including the Buu Saga, the Super 17 Saga, the Tournament of Power, and more. It is notable for having one of the most popular Secret Rares in the game's history, which features Frieza teaming up with Goku. With this wide release, I've already unboxed booster boxes and loose packs during the pre-release week. Today, you can catch three exclusive openings on Bleeding Cool of the three remaining Cross Spirits products: the Pride of the Saiyans Starter Deck, the Darkness Reborn Reboot Starter Deck, and the Cross Spirits Premium Pack. In this installment, we're opening the Pride of the Saiyans Starter Deck.

Pride of the Saiyans Starter Deck cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Pride of the Saiyans Starter Deck cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

First, it must be noted that I approach the Dragon Ball Super Card Game from a collector's perspective. Starter Decks are items targeted to players, but I believe these are interesting for collectors as well. Competitive players may appreciate aspects of the usability of the cards in this product that I won't, so if you are a player, there are other content creators covering that part of this hobby.

Of the two Starter Decks that Dragon Ball Super released this weekend, I find this by far the better option for collectors. I find that these products are most appealing to me when they feature characters or moments from the canon of the anime and manga. The DBSCG has a penchant for focusing on the Xenoverse characters and content, which is fun for diversity in the characters appearing in the cards, but there's nothing like a Saiyan-centric product, and this deck delivers.

Pride of the Saiyans Starter Deck cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Pride of the Saiyans Starter Deck cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The Pride of the Saiyans Starter deck features two cards with golden embossed features, which essentially gives these cards the treatment that a Super Rare (SR) would have in a main-series expansion. The Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and the Super Saiyan Cabba feature this premium quality gold foil, which makes sense considering how the two deepened their mentor/student relationship during the Tournament of Power, which is a major focus of Cross Spirits.

The other cards (a Goku, a Gohan, and another Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta) are also great, and get the foil treatment though no golden effects or texture. We receive two copies of each card except the Vegeta leader, which is the one major critique I have of this deck as a collector. Collectors will get this product wanting one of each card, with that card being the one they'd need a double of to display both sides. This is standard practice for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, but I feel like a bonus non-foil leader wouldn't be too much to ask for here.

Overall, this is a great product and the more appealing of the two Cross Spirits tie-in decks from a collector's perspective. It's worth buying, but only if you can get it at MSRP, as there are no packs inside. There is a deck of reprint cards though, some of which were at one point quite costly, that certainly balances this out and can help collectors begin to build older, harder-to-find sets.

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