Overwatch League Officially Unveils Paris and Guangzhou Teams

The Overwatch League revealed the logos for two new teams joining Season 2 of the esports competition.

Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is taking big steps in its second season. The inaugural season of the league was, by all accounts, a rousing success, and that's convinced eight investors to buy into it, drastically expanding the number of teams. It'll bring a pretty neat dynamic to the league and a huge influx of new talent. We've already introduced to Atlanta Reign and Toronto Defiant but it'snow time to meet two more.

Paris Eternal and Guangzhou Charge are the official names of the respective teams. The Charge play in a dark teal and have a simple "GZ" logo while Eternal has gone for the classic French sports team with a rooster logo with blue and red colour scheme. While Charge's team is still under wraps, we already know to the full Eternal roster as of last month. That team is made up of European players from France, Russia, Poland, Iceland, Finland and the United Kingdom. It's clear the league's second European team is set on keeping a strong regional focus. That's rare for Overwatch teams outside of Seoul Dynasty (and season one Shanghai Dragons).

There is now only four teams left to unveil before the start of the league, with Chengdu, Hangzhou, Vancouver and Washington still waiting for an official reveal. The new season is set to start February 14, 2019, and I expect there will be a healthy pre-season period. My guess is we will get news on the other teams before the end of the year.