Piccolo, Bergamo, & SS4 Goku Alt Arts Come To Dragon Ball Super CG

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has begun to reveal cards from its next main expansion. Unison Warrior Series BOOST: Cross Spirits will be the fourteenth main expansion, the fifth under the Unison Warrior block, and the first under the Unison Warrior BOOST sub-block. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game reveals the cards of Cross Spirits, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into the set from a collector's perspective. This set comes at a time when competitive games are once again being held in hobby shops, which means that fans of the gaming aspect of this hobby will be treated to some new Alternate Art cards. Let's take a look.

New Alt Arts. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
New Alt Arts. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Over on the official Dragon Ball Super Card Game page, where Bandai has been previewing new Cross Spirits cards as well as promos to coincide with the set's release, they announced the contents of their Alt Art Card Set 2021 Volume 3. They wrote:

We have a special announcement for you today, the Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol. 3 Card cards! These cards will be available as prizing in our official events from September to November. We are still taking registrations for Gen Con offline events, so please register if you're interesting in winning these cards!

Offline (128-person event) Friday, September 17 09:00 AM EDT https://www.gencon.com/events/196849

Offline (128-person event) Saturday, September 18 10:00 AM EDT https://www.gencon.com/events/196850

These will not be available through any booster packs. Normally, our Dragon Ball Super Card Game content covers these card previews from a collector's perspective as mentioned above, because there is already a great deal of player-specific content out there to be enjoyed. The truth is, though, non-competitive collectors will have to attempt to get these cards in the secondary market, as they will not be available for purchase.

Stay tuned for more Cross Spirits reveals this week, including a brand new SCR!

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