Playstation Blog's Game of the Year Poll is Now Open

Playstation Blog's Game of the Year Poll is Now Open

Playstation Blog's annual Game of the Year poll is open, and includes many of the same categories as previous years – best PS4 game, best PS VR experience, best indie game, best console exclusive – but there are also a couple new categories as well. There is also a change in the "Most Anticipated" category: since The Last of Us Part II won the Platinum Trophy in that same category following its announcement last year, it's no longer eligible for a nomination in that category this year. Games that previously won Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophies get another shot at the Platinum trophy this year.

As you'd expect, the list includes PS Vita games and categories as well as PS4 and PSVR games. But that "Most Anticipated" category will definitely be one of the more interesting results, given the sheer number of big games coming to PlayStation in the upcoming year (or years). Yes, both Death Stranding and Final Fantasy VII Remake are on the list, and are the two major contenders to be delayed out of a 2018 release. However, Kojima has recently bragged about the speedy development of Death StrandingThat said, I doubt we'll be seeing either release next year.

You can vote now over on the Playstation Blog.

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