Pokémon GO Event Review: Adventure Week 2022

We are nearing the end of Adventure Week, one of the most exciting events that happen annually in Pokémon GO. Did 2022's installment live up to the hype created not only by past Adventure Weeks but by the excitement around last weekend's Pokémon GO Fest 2022?

Adventure Week graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Adventure Week graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What worked in this Pokémon GO event

  • New Fossils: Amaura and Tyrunt are both exciting species that I was eager to see released, so that alone made this a winning event for me. The fact that this is just the beginning when many Season of Alola events barely offered a new species drop much less anything else, is indicative of how strong this event way.
  • New Shinies: Archen and Tirtouga both got Shinies. Now, they didn't spawn in the wild and some didn't like that. However, these are rare species that many Trainers didn't have at all. Putting them in Eggs felt fair given their drop rate, and this is, after all, Adventure Week. This brings us to…
  • Reason to walk: I haven't felt such a drive to get out and walk for this game in a long time. Amaura, Tyrunt, Archen, and Tirtouga in Eggs made me excited to hatch everything I could in a day. I'd wait until midnight, open a full Egg slate of Gifts, incubate them all, walk until they were hatched, and do the same thing until I couldn't open any more gifts. This was by far the best reason Niantic has given us to actually do what they want and get out into the world and play. While I know this is meant to be an extra exciting event, if they can even match half of this content in other events, trust me. The Pokémon GO player base will be on the move.
  • Common Cranidos & Shieldon spawns: What did happen in the wild was common Cranidos and Shieldon spawns, which was a huge relief considering how rare they were in past events.
  • Ultra Unlock: The bonuses as well as today's Ultra Unlock: Research Day, which I'll review as its own event, were strong and worked well with the already-established event.

What didn't work in this Pokémon GO event

  • Unown F: Ahhhhh, give us a different Unown! We already had Shiny Unown F. I absolutely appreciate giving players a chance at something they missed, but Unown was an Ultra Unlock feature. Why not feature both F and a new letter that hadn't previously had a Shiny? We have a long way to go before we see every Unown with their Shiny form unlocked, so why hold off? There are so many left and what better time to drop one than Ultra Unlock?


Easily the best event of the year so far, Adventure Week sets the standard for events that follow through on proving how Pokémon GO can get its fanbase walking. Add to the game rather than take away. It's that simple, and this event, I feel, was a good lesson in that.

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