Pokémon GO September & October Voting Day & Attacks Revealed

After announcing that the next two Pokémon GO Community Day would be decided by vote, Niantic provided more information about the upcoming poll. The special moves that the four candidates (Porygon, Charmander, Grimer, Caterpie) with potentially receive if they are elected been announced, along with the date and time of the vote. The vote will be held on August 22nd at 6PM PDT to August 23rd at the same time, with Niantic using Twitter to poll their players, much like the previous vote that led to Gastly and Weedle winning Community Days over Squirtle and Sandshrew. Now that we know all of this, what attack will each of these Pokémon receive?

Pokémon GO September & October Community Day detailed announced. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO September & October Community Day detailed announced. Credit: Niantic

The moves that Pokémon receive plays a major part in their reception as Community Day choices. For example, Rhyhorn won the first ever vote over the more popular Vulpix due to the effectivity of Rock Wrecker, the move that Rhyperior was announced to receive. Here are the moves that the four possible September and October Pokémon are set to receive:

  • Charmander: Charizard will get the Dragon-type Fast Attack of Dragon Breath, an interesting choice due to its first Community Day, where it received the Charged Attack of Blast Burn. Once this Community Day is done, if Charmander wins first or second place, it is a safe bet that Elite Fast and Charged TMs will be used to get a Charizard with both Community Day moves.
  • Caterpie: Butterfree will receive Flying-type attack Hurricane. It may be good for the GO Battle League, but this is not expected to be a popular move for Butterfree.
  • Grimer: Both Grimers would play a role in this potential Community Day, with Kanto Grimer appearing in the wild and from eggs with Alolan Grimer in raids. Both Grimers would receive the Fire-type attack of Fire Punch. It's not a game changer for Grimer.
  • Porygon: Porygon-Z will receive, as dedicated fans of the original games expected, Tri Attack, which will may decreasing an opponent's defense and attack.

Porygon is expected by the Pokémon GO community to sweep this vote, with Charmander coming in second due to the popularity of its Shiny and its potential use with the upcoming unveiling of Mega Evolution that Niantic is planning. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool, where we will follow the voting as it goes live.

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