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Pokémon TCG Reveals Machamp VMAX From Astral Radiance

Pokémon TCG has revealed a new card from their upcoming set, Sword & Shield – Astral Radiance. This expansion will venture into the Hisui region for the first time. The Hisui region is an ancient version of Sinnoh that was introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, an open-world RPG that time-travels back to the past when certain species behaved and evolved differently. However, even though this set and future sets will contain a strong Hisui focus, the Pokémon TCG hasn't forgotten that the currently series block is still called "Sword & Shield." The Galar focus, which certainly diminished, will be present with the continued use of Pokémon-VMAX. There will be two in Sword & Shield – Astral Radiance, one of which has now been revealed to be Machamp VMAX.

Machamp VMAX from Astral Radiance. Credit: Credit: Pokémon TCG
Machamp VMAX from Astral Radiance. Credit: Credit: Pokémon TCG

The inclusion of Machamp VMAX is major, as I previously reported that Machamp was one of the few species that never received a VMAX featuring its Gigantamax form in the TCG. Aside from Machamp, Melmetal, Hatterene, and Appletun (the last of which is a special case, check the link to find out why), all other Gigantamax-capable species had gotten their features. It became clear that Machamp would get its time to shine in late March when we first saw this card in its Japanese form. It was part of Japan's Time Gazer set which is now on shelves.

Now, what of Melmetal and Hatterene? Well, it has now been revealed that the special Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO expansion will actually feature Melmetal VMAX, thus making Hatterene the only confirmed Gigantamax species that has so far not been promised a VMAX. Will we end up seeing the Sword & Shield era end before Hatterene gets its time to shine? Only time will tell, but it's looking as if we just have two more English-language sets to make it happen!

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