Prey DLC Rumor: Arkane Promises Something in Development


Arkane Studios and the official Prey twitter account have been having a blast for the last month teasing a possible new DLC, and now Creative Director Raphael Colantonio and Chief Designer Ricardo Bare took some time during an award acceptance speech to indicate the studio has something in development, without specifying anything in particular.

Rumors for the supposed Prey DLC mostly hinge upon the idea of the expansion taking place on the moon, as the satellite takes a pretty important role in the events of Prey despite not being an actual location in the game. The official Prey twitter account even sent out another teaser just a day ago.

Last night, Prey won the award for Best Narrative of Italian Video Game Awards, and in their acceptance speech, Colantonio and Bare indicate that the studio is currently working on something for fans. As Webtrek states, this is the first time Arkane explicitly says the studio will have something to announce.

From Webtrek's report:

In the video, which you can see here at 1:13:36 , Raphael Colantonio , creative director of Prey, and Ricardo Bare , chief designer of the game , appeared . Bare thanked first: "We wanted to thank everyone, we are really honored to have won this award for Prey. We're sorry we can not be there in person but we're working hard on something exciting now that we hope to show you soon."

Bethesda often gives their single player games two or three major content expansions, as a general rule, to reinforce their commitment to providing in-depth single player narrative games. However, 2017's Prey was a massive flop. The game performed abysmally with critics and players alike, in large part due to some insane bugs with the game's PC port. Since then, no one has expected any DLC expansions for Prey, but it seems more and more likely we will be getting a DLC or two for the game, which is a major surprise.

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