PUBG: New State Receives New BR: Extreme Mode In Latest Update

Krafton Inc. has released a new massive update this week for PUBG: New State as they have added the new BR: Extreme Mode. This new mode will limit the number of players in a match to 64 and limit each round to 20 minutes, forcing a smaller group into a madcap race to the center of the ever-moving barriers as they strive to survive. Right now it's only available on the Troi map, but we're guessing the popularity will change that over time. We have more info on it, along with the bullet point notes from the devs as to everything added with this giant update, and a video down at the bottom showing off the changes. If you're looking for more detailed patch notes, you can find them here.

PUBG: New State Receives New BR: Extreme Mode In Latest Update
Credit: Krafton Inc.
  • New Mode – BR: Extreme: A new experience developed and optimized for mobile play, each 20 minute round is limited to 64 players. In this mode, the battleground is restricted to a smaller playable area (4×4) within the Troi map, which will be chosen at random and change every match. All Survivors start off with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits and fully charged boost meters. When the match starts, two  Care Packages will be dropped at random locations, allowing players to stock up on higher-end gear earlier in a match. Some additional features included in this new battle royale experience are:

    • Increased quantity of vehicles and items throughout Troi, allowing players to farm more quickly.

    • Survivors will skydive from a lower altitude so that they can land on the map as quickly as possible.

    • Delivery drones will arrive faster, allowing players to get their hands on items faster.

    • The wait time before a teammate can be redeployed has been shortened to 60 seconds.

  • New Vehicle – Rimac Nevera: The January Update also kicks off PUBG: NEW STATE's partnership with Bugatti Rimac as players can now hop into the world's fastest-accelerating production car – the Rimac Nevera – and test drive it throughout the Troi map. A time-limited Rimac Crate has been introduced, which contains various exclusive in-game items, such as Rimac Nevera in five color variations, including Nevera Blue, Gunpowder Grey, Prism Glow, Sunburst Red and Luminous Gold.

  • New Season and Survivor Pass: Season 1, which has officially begun after a two-month pre-season, introduces eight new tiers – ranging from Bronze to Conqueror – that players can work through. As players progress through each tier, they will earn a variety of rewards including Chicken Medals and weapon skins. Survivor Pass Vol. 3 is also now available, which is centered around in-game character Ben Brown, who is part of the Great Lakes Coalition (GLC) faction. Players will be able to complete missions to earn diverse rewards and items whole exploring the lore of PUBG: NEW STATE.

  • New Weapon – P90: This SMG, which will spawn in Care Packages on the battlegrounds, will come with a standard tier-2 transformative scope and suppressor attached, but cannot be modified with any other attachments. It uses 5.7mm ammo, which can now be purchased through the Drone Store.

  • New Gun Customizations: With the new DP-28 Muzzle Slot, players can now attach a Flash Hider (AR/DMR) or a Compensator (AR/DMR) to the DP-28 weapon. When using either of these attachments, however, gun damage will be slightly reduced. Players can also now attach the Lightweight Stock to the Beryl M762 to reduce bullet spread when firing from the hip or shoulder while also increasing ADS speed. Weapon stability will take a hit when using this attachment.

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