Puddi Jump Is Giga Pudding The Video Game

Puddi Jump Is Giga Pudding The Video Game

You are going to have to forgive me for this one, but when I read Platonic Games announcement about their new arcade game Puddi Jump: Kawaii Monsters, I did not think of a mobile game about vaguely gelatinous monsters. Oh no. I went to a much darker, much more horrifying place.

Yes, my brain went to Giga Pudding.

If you somehow managed to avoid the absolute brain-melting horror that is the Giga Pudding theme song and advertisement, I apologize, because I'm going to inflict it upon you courtesy of Youtuber Tsundere Pigeon.


Now that your brain is melting out of your ears, you can join me in reading the next sentence, which describes Puddi Jump: Kawaii Monsters. "Jump higher, survive longer and stay on the platform before the color changes! Puddi Jump is an original color-based endless hopper, very easy to play but hard to master. Jump up before the paint hides your platforms – or reveals the deadly traps!" Yes, that is the official game description. But your brain isn't thinking of the cute monsters from the header, oh no. Your brain is stuck thinking of the Giga Pudding.

For even more horror, you can read the full list of Puddi Jump's features:

– Simple and intuitive TILT control
– More than 60 characters to play with!
– Lots of color palettes to choose from :)
– Achievements and leaderboards are integrated with Game Center and Google Play Games.
– Great for children and adults alike <3

Those still not horrified, you can download 'Puddi Jump: Kawaii Monsters' for free on the AppStore and Google Play today. Personally, I'm going to go bang my head against a brick wall for a few solid minutes before even returning to the internet, but that is my lot in life.

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