Raw Fury Announces The Longest Road On Earth

Raw Fury revealed they will be publishing the upcoming game from Brainwash Gang called The Longest Road On Earth. The game itself is a bit interesting as it's presented as a casual narrative adventure title done completely in pixel art, designed for players of all ages with no drawbacks on how you play the game. According to the devs, you'll play through four chapters that capture "the essence of everyday life and leisurely consider moments" that are designed to take you through meaningful as well as mundane aspects of life in general. Along with these moments, you'll meet a collection of characters with their own stories for you to enjoy. It's an interesting concept and we'll see how well it latches onto people who enjoy a good story in a game. No word on a proper release date yet beyond "2021", but you can check out the latest trailer below.

We don't have a lot of time left... Courtesy of Raw Fury.
We don't have a lot of time left… Courtesy of Raw Fury.

Play through four chapters that capture the essence of everyday life and skip through the snapshots of moments both meaningful and mundane. Take time to experience the beauty in the small things like blowing a dandelion, picking up seashells and riding a bike. There's no context given in these chapters, you won't know these characters or their stories, but you can experience moments of time with them and create your interpretations.

An original intimate soundtrack with themes and lyrics that seek the serenity and simplicity of what is known by all of us. Feelings, emotions, situations and perceptions that aren't extraordinary yet define us as human beings, our stories, and how we share our lives with each other. Each ticket to ride on In The Longest Road On Earth includes the soundtrack so you can take the experience with you on your journey. In The Longest Road On Earth there's no challenge that tarnishes the experience, no fail-states to punish you. Players of all ages, levels of ability and backgrounds can take part in the experience with simple controls and a relaxed pace.

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