Report Says a Battle Royale Mode is Being Tested for the Next Battlefield

A new report has hit the rumour mill, claiming that a battle royale mode is likely on the way for DICE's flagship series Battlefield in the next game due out this year.


The existence of Battlefield V is basically an open secret at this point. Just by the way DICE swap between Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront, we knew there would be a Battlefield game this year. We know even more specifics than that though, even if the title hasn't been officially revealed yet. The game is reportedly going to be set in World War II, which we know from various leaks and even photos of a gameplay demo out there.

Well, according to a new report, we might know just a little bit more. VentureBeat is reporting that perhaps unsurprisingly (and as I think we will see from a lot of AAA games this year), DICE is working on a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V. With that said though, the report claims the mode is in a prototyping phase and thus, won't be making it at launch. There is even a chance it will never see the light of day. The alleged mode doesn't have the green light yet, but if it does, it would likely be added to the game as a free update later down the line.

The current word on the street is that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is going to have some kind of facsimile of the Battle Royale genre, so this would make sense. Call of Duty and Battlefield have always been at loggerheads, and it could well be a big missed opportunity if EA's property doesn't match Activision's commitment to the genre. Of course, none of this is confirmed, be it from the source or the developer, but honestly, would you be surprised? Here's hoping if it comes, DICE can find a way to keep Battlefield's identity intact while trying to hop onto the wagon.

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