Retro Title The Machine Is Coming Soon To GameBoy Color

Retro publisher Incube8 Games, along with producer Spacebot Interactive have revealed their new game The Machine. The game comes from the mind of indie developer Ben Jelter, who had previously won the 2021 GameBoy Dev competition with Unearthed. This latest venture looks to be a fitting follow-up in the retro genre as he has created a new game that will give you the chance to explore multiple storylines and go down multiple paths to find multiple endings, all within the same world. Giving the game tons of replayability. The catch is that it can only be played on retro GameBoy Color consoles. The team has created a playable demo on the game's official website that requires no download, to give you a sample of how this will play out when you buy it. The game will officially release on February 16th, 2022.

Retro Title The Machine Is Coming Soon To GameBoy Color
Credit: Incube8 Games

In The Machine, you'll have the opportunity to pursue numerous different storyline paths in an original dystopian world, exploring the inner workings of a gigantic machine and the people who inhabit it in the throes of an election that could dramatically shape the future. In this hierarchical society, your place in the world is determined at a young age through an aptitude test, which will allow you to experience each playthrough as a factory worker, a police officer, a secret agent, a hippie, or more. Get to know those around you, and make decisions that could dramatically impact the future of your home and its inhabitants, concluding in one of over 25 possible endings. The Machine is a nonlinear experience with many endings depending on the choices you make, and will be playable on Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance consoles.

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