A Look At Some Of The Disney Pins Available At D23, And Man Is There A Ton

Pins trading and collecting is a fun hobby, but when it comes to Disney, like most things involving them, it can be cutthroat and a pain in the butt. This is no different with some of the pins and pin sets available this weekend at D23, where they not only have a ton of pins for sale, but have a dedicated area just for pin trading. I had no idea how serious the Disney Pin collecting was until I got to go to Disney World for the first time in April, and seeing not only the sheer volume of pins they make, but how people gobble them up.

There are pins celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Bambi that some even have hinges!

Pins and pin sets cerebrating various attractions in the parks, that Castle set is limited to only 200 made! Man that thing is gorgeous. The large-size pins are also pretty cool, I wouldn't mind getting the Space Mountain ones. The Pirates ones seem to be a huge hit as well from what I am reading.

These are the poster pins for the show. One for each big arm of the Disney name. The BB-8 is pretty awesome, but of course it is. I feel like it should be required to get these if you are at the show.

there are some awesome Oswald pins that come in a set, featuring big moments in the characters history. These sets are limited as well. The design of these make them impossible to resist.

Star Wars will always be represented well as these things, and I really want that Giant Star Tours pin. I got to ride Star Tours finally in April (I was even the Rebel Spy! Sadly, they don't make the "I was the Rebel Spy" pin anymore) and would have instantly bought this had it been out there. The Trooper set is ridiculously cool, only 500 of those are available, at a cool $200 a set. The Droids set has some heavy-hitters in it, and the locations pins are some of the coolest I have ever seen.

There is even a pin set dedicated to the various cats from Disney history. The Minnie Mouse set is pretty spiffy as well.

There are quite literally 100's of pins available, this is just a small sample. If you at at the show, pick some up. Pins are cool little keepsakes that can be worn and taken anywhere, and remind you of how much fun/trouble you had getting them.


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