Review: Jyn Erso Expansion for Star Wars: Legion Adds Interesting Dynamics

Rebel players have a lot to celebrate this week, with Fantasy Flight Games releasing two new expansions for Star Wars: Legion. Let's get the first package opened up, and take a look at what the Jyn Erso Commander Expansion brings to the table!

Review: Jyn Erso Expansion for Star Wars: Legion Adds Interesting Dynamics

Contents wise, you get one plastic Jyn Erso miniature and base, Jyn's stat card, three command cards, four upgrade cards, and a sheet of tokens on thick card stock.

Jyn costs 130 points to field as a commander in Star Wars: Legion, and brings some interesting dynamics to the game. With Quick Thinking, Jyn gains an aim token and a dodge token. Danger Sense 4 allows Jyn to use suppression tokens to add additional defense dice. Infiltrate allows Jyn to deploy beyond Range 3 of enemy troops. Jyn carries the Suppressive keyword in the game, which means defenders gain suppression tokens whenever she attacks!

Jyn's Collapsible Tonfa hits hard with four black attack dice in combat.

Jyn Erso comes with three command cards: Rebellious allows Jyn to take on a suppression token to attack an enemy unit or perform a free move action before that enemy can perform its rally action. Keep in mind that Jyn spends suppression tokens to activate special actions, so this isn't really a bad thing for her!

Trust Goes Both Ways grants Jyn Inspire 2, and gives the Teamwork trait to units she gives commands to. Complete the Mission grants Low Profile to Jyn, and allows friendly units to shake off panicked and suppressed states.

Jyn's upgrades include her A-180 blaster, which can be fielded in either pistol or rifle configuration. Jyn also comes with the Strict Orders upgrade, allowing a friendly unit to remove a suppression token if it doesn't perform any skill rolls for five points; Recon Intel gives Jyn Scout 1 for 2 points; while Duck and Cover allow defenders to gain a suppression token and costs eight points to field.

The Jyn Erso miniature itself comes in five pieces: the head, body, both arms, and two sections of her scarf need to be glued together, but clean-up of the model was minimal, with hardly any mold lines present.

Review: Jyn Erso Expansion for Star Wars: Legion Adds Interesting Dynamics

The sculpt is dynamic, with Jyn looking like she's about to lay down a world of hurt on some Imperial scum!

I'm excited to see the Jyn Erso Commander Expansion for quite a few reasons: It's nice to have so many command options available now, especially for those of us that don't want to field force users in our battles. Jyn's unpredictable and soaks up suppression, which she, in turn, spends to activate really fun features. Plus, it's nice to see Rogue One characters available!

The Jyn Erso Commander Expansion is available at game stores now, and is highly recommended for fans of both Star Wars and table-top miniatures games!


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