Rumour Says Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is Coming in 2018

Battlefield: Bad Company, despite being pretty old at this point, is still a favorite of the Battlefield community. Quite often you will hear people asking for the next in the series, but it hasn't yet come in the ensuing 7 years since the release of the last one, Bad Company 2.

Rumour Says Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is Coming in 2018

Well, if you believe one AlmightyDaq (via then that wait might be coming to its end. The YouTuber does come with some credibility to his name too, having previously leaked details that ended up being correct about Battlefield 1. In his latest video, he says that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is coming in 2018 and it's set 'mid and post' Vietnam war. It's noted that the game isn't trying to be 'historically accurate' though.

In the video, there are details about further customization to characters and the modes in the game, as well as an interesting bit about microtransactions. He says the title will not have them and it is likely a response to the Star Wars Battlefront II controversy.

Take a look here:

Now, of course, this comes with the big caveat that all of this is rumour just spouted on the internet. While he certainly was right about previous leaks, that is no guarantee he will be here. Take this all with a grain of salt. That being said, I could absolutely see the franchise going in this direction. It feels completely different to anything they've done recently and would be a big pay off for longtime fans. Again, certainly no confirmation this is real, but I can definitely see it.