Saiyans Shine In Dragon Ball Super: CG Promo Cards For Cross Spirits

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has begun to reveal cards from its next main expansion. Unison Warrior Series BOOST: Cross Spirits will be the fourteenth main expansion, the fifth under the Unison Warrior block, and the first under the Unison Warrior BOOST sub-block. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game reveals the cards of Cross Spirits, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into the set from a collector's perspective. So far, we've seen a selection of standard cards, Leaders, and Super Rares with artwork inspired by the Dragon Ball Z film Wrath of the Dragon and the Super 17 Saga from Dragon Ball GT. There have also been cards inspired by the Buu Saga, The Saiyan Saga, and the Tournament of Power. Let's take a look at a selection of promo cards featuring some of the series' iconic Saiyans.

Promo cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Promo cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

First up, note that these promos cannot be pulled in packs of Cross Spirits. They are being released in conjunction with the set for competitive play, but Winner cards like this are not included in booster packs of standard expansions.

Here, we get to see four of Dragon Ball's Saiyans in action. Saiyan Shield Raditz features the unlucky two Saiyans of the three that came to earth. Raditz, Goku's ill-fated brother who was killed by Goku's full nelson and Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, takes center stage in this card. It makes me imagine just how long his hair would be if he'd stuck around and gone Super Saiyan 3. Then, we have Nappa, a Saiyan with the exact opposite problem. If he went Super Saiyan 3, what would happen? Hilariously long mustache?

Then, we have Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Great Ape Bardock on their own Winner cards, which have a clean and dynamic style to them. If you're not a player and want these cards, your best bet is to look for deals through the secondary market.

Pre-release events for Cross Spirits, the latest Dragon Ball Super Card Game set, begin this weekend!

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