Secretlab Partners With DC Comics For A Joker Gaming Chair

DC Comics had a lot of announcements this weekend during the DC FanDome, including some items that you could purchase in their store. One of the bigger shop announcements was a new partnership between DC's parent company Warner Bros. and Secretlab as they are releasing a new gaming chair focused on the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker! The company previously worked with them before to produce a Batman chair with the current bat logo across it as their "Dark Knight" edition, as if you were sitting in Wayne's personal chair in the cave. Now you have this wonderful piece of gaming furniture you can collect and sit in. The design is black and purple with the words "The Joker" across the front and back, along with yellow accents along the side with the words "Ha Ha Ha!" written all across it. The design can be bought in both heir Titan and Omega 2020 models, with pricing depending on which model and what you add to it. You can pre-order it now from their website as we have a quote from Secretlab about the partnership for you here.

You'll be laughing from the seat of your pants in this new Joker chair, courtesy of Secretlab.
You'll be laughing from the seat of your pants in this new Joker chair, courtesy of Secretlab.

"Just like Batman, The Joker is one of the most recognizable icons in popular culture — he's appeared in 80 years of DC Comics, cartoons, movies, and games. Every superhero needs a villain, and the Secretlab 'The Joker' Edition chair serves as the polar opposite of the Secretlab Dark Knight Edition, both complementing and contrasting it at the same time. Outfitted with the same engineering and technology that Secretlab is known for, the Secretlab 'The Joker' Edition chair is a seat that befits Gotham's greatest supervillain. You can't think of Batman without also thinking about The Joker, and the two share a unique symbiotic relationship where neither is complete without the other. After celebrating the 80th anniversary of Batman with the Secretlab Dark Knight Edition, we knew we couldn't miss out on paying the same tribute to The Joker," said Ian Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab.

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