Shadow of the Tomb Raider Announces First DLC The Forge

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Announces First DLC The Forge

Square Enix, Eidos Montreal, and Crystal Dynamics have announced the first of seven new DLC packs for Shadow of the Tomb Raider called "The Forge." All seven DLC packs will contain a new side questline, challenge tomb, skin, and ability. So that's seven new tombs, sidequests, skins, and abilities to collect.

As for what to expect from the new tomb and side quest, well:

In "The Forge," Lara will brave the lava-flooded Forge of the Fallen Gods to uncover the secrets of Kuwaq Yaku. Throughout her journey, Lara will uncover details about a friend's ancient legacy and overcome a danger long though to be lost in flame. "The Forge" delivers a brand-new challenge tomb, playable in both solo and co-op. Players who complete the challenge tomb will be rewarded with the Grenadier skill, Brocken outfit, and Umbrage 3-80 weapon.

A completely new adventure, "The Forge" is the first of seven monthly DLC adventures available through the Season Pass, providing players with an abundance of new content, challenge tombs, co-op experiences, weapons and outfits, Score Attack and Time Attack modes, and additional narrative side missions.

"The Forge" will launch worldwide on November 13th for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It can be purchased as a standalone DLC for $4.99 USD or come as part of the Season Pass which retails for $29.99 USD.

While this is the first of seven DLC packs for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and can be purchased as a standalone DLC, the seventh pack will only be available to Season Pass holders. While "The Forge" is a co-op tomb, not every tomb of the seven will be available for co-op play. Five of the seven DLC tombs will support co-op, including "The Forge" and the final tomb.

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