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Shiny Articuno Raid Hour: Last Chance At The Icy Bird In Pokémon GO

Tonight, Articuno will storm the raid scene in Pokémon GO. From 6 PM to 7 PM local time, Articuno Raid Hour will feature the Ice/Flying-type Legendary bird in most of the game's gyms. With Zapdos set to take over from it on Friday, this may be some players' last chance at catching a Shiny Articuno.

Regular and Shiny Articuno comparison for Articuno Raid Hour. Credit: Niantic
Regular and Shiny Articuno comparison for Articuno Raid Hour. Credit: Niantic

Here are the basics that Pokémon GO trainers need to know when playing Raid Hour tonight:

  • Articuno is double weak to Rock-types, so ignore the suggested raid party that Niantic has programmed into your game. Those parties prioritize defense, but the best way to take down raid bosses is to look at DPS (damage per second) times TDO (total damage output) rather than Defense. It comes down to Rock-types and Mega Charizard Y. You can catch our full Articuno Raid Guide for the top counters.
  • Shiny Articuno is not a guarantee no matter how many raids you play. The chances are approximately one in twenty every time, so it could take just one raid, or it could take over one hundred. It is completely random and has nothing to do with how well you perform in the raid, how many trainers are playing, how good of a trainer you are, or any other factors. The only way to increase your chances is to keep doing raids and taking another shot at that one in twenty jackpot. It's a matter of chance, so go in with a positive attitude and low expectations, and perhaps good fortune will smile upon you.
  • Articuno currently has the Legacy move of Hurricane, which is a good Flying-type move. However, the most useful that Articuno will be currently is with the move Icy Wind, which can be utilized in the GO Battle League. As a personal time, I'm going to keep Hurricane on my Shiny Articuno and also grind some extra candy to unlock a second Charged Move to place Icy Wind on it as well.

Good luck hunting for Shiny Articuno and remember to get your Pokémon ready for Zapdos this Friday. A full Raid Guide will follow but an early tip is that Rock-types and Ice-types will shine against Zapdos.

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