Shiny Goldeen & Shiny Seaking Are Live In Pokémon GO

Goldeen and its evolution of Seaking are now Shiny-capable in Pokémon GO. The Goldeen line is one of the final Kanto species to be released in its Shiny form, leaving the only remaining species that cannot currently be Shiny as the Spearow family, the Paras family, the Hitmon family, Ditto, the Snorlax family (Munchlax isn't Kanto, but still), and Mew. The Lake Legends event will introduce the Shiny Goldeen line to Pokémon GO today, Tuesday, November 24th at 8 AM local time. Here's how you catch this Pokémon.

Regular and Shiny Goldeen and Seaking in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Regular and Shiny Goldeen and Seaking in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

First, the differences. The standard Goldeen, pictured in the top row above, is a coral sort of color. It shares that reddish-orange color with its evolved form, Seaking. Then, Shiny Goldeen loses the red with a noticeable but not hugely different orange hue. Seaking shares that orange color as well. Goldeen and Seaking have gender variants, with the female showcasing a smaller horn than the male but, unlike other species with in-game gender variants, it's not a huge difference.

Shiny Goldeen can be encountered:

  • In the wild! Wild Shiny releases have been a bit hit or miss recently, with big hits being Kricketot and Kanto Vulpix, both of which were released with a boosted Shiny rate during their events. Then, during last week's Slowpoke Shiny release during the Pokémon GO HOME Integration event, the spawn rate seemed medium to low and the Shiny odds seemed unboosted. Early reports suggest that this may be somewhat like the Slowpoke release, but we will see!
  • The Field Research task "Catch 5 Water-type Pokémon" will reward Goldeen encounters.

Good luck on your hunt for the golden Shiny Goldeen, fellow trainers. For those looking for other spawns, early reports see Lickitung spawning at a pretty decent rate, so anyone who missed that Shiny during its early 2020 Raid Day may be in luck.

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