'The Sims 4' Will Be Coming To Xbox One In The Fall

For reasons we truly can't fathom, EA Games has decided to finally put The Sims 4 on the Xbox One, with a release date of November 16 on Microsoft's store. The game is actually being called The Sims 4 Deluxe Party Edition, and while there are no major details about this being released yet by anyone, the safe assumption is that the game will be the basic version of The Sims 4, and all of the add ons, special editions, DLC and whatnot people have been receiving up to this point so Xbox players are caught up.

Everyone who picked up on this news has been reaching out to EA for a comment but haven't received one yet. The reason this is so confusing is that come September, the game will be three years old. If this had been done in late 2015 or early 2016, we wouldn't have batted an eye at that kind of delay for a PC game hitting a console. But the fact that we're talking about this two months removed from a three-year anniversary, it kind of makes us wonder what audience they're really aiming for on a system that's about to surpass what The Sims 4 can do. Guess we'll just wait to see what EA has to say.

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