Someone Made A Handheld Version Of The Nintendo 64

There have been many, many, many mods of Nintendo products over the years, including many for the Nintendo 64. We could list off all the ways people have torn that device apart and basically turned it into a better version of itself or created controllers that actually function better than the originals and won't wear out the base of your hand trying to spin something. But the latest mod that people are chatting about this week is this fun handheld version of the console that we actually find entertaining. This is, by far, the smallest handheld version of an N64 we've seen created by GmanModz, as it's basically a compact Game Boy that will play the cartridges.

Can this truly be an N64 mod without there being weird shapes everywhere for your hands? Courtesy of GmanModz.
Can this truly be an N64 mod without there being weird shapes everywhere for your hands? Courtesy of GmanModz.

There's a lot of tech that went into this as you can see, based on the layout of the device, they basically eliminate the C-Buttons and create a duel-stick look to the console. The right stick serves as the replacement for all of those yellow buttons as you just have to do the direction you need. As for the rest of the controls, one of the chips has been replaced with a standard Nintendo control system, so the Nintendo 64 controls operate like any other standard gaming device. It's a cool little piece of tech to look at as there aren't a ton of people out there making custom designs for old-school consoles that are this sleek and compact. Even the 3D printing on this one is pretty solid as there are no wasted materials on here and it is made to be about as small and portable as you can get it. You can check out the video below in which he goes over how he went about making the device.

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