Sony Will Reportedly Run A PS5 Reveal Event In June

If the latest reports are to be believed, it sounds like Sony Interactive Entertainment will be doing a proper PS5 reveal in June 2020. With E3 canceled and a lot of plans from companies being cast into the wind, we're all now keeping an eye out for signs of someone setting up a new live stream or planning to do a pre-recorded event to broadcast live across every platform they can. A brand new report from Venture Beat goes into the details of everything they know in regards to Sony and Microsoft's plans for proper reveal events in lieu of E3 being an option. Not like Sony was going to attend E3 again since they already bailed on the event and balked at 2020 participation. But that doesn't mean the company is dumb and wouldn't have been planning to do their own thing right around the same time to get attention from the video game industry at a time when all eyes are on California for a week.

When will Sony finally do their big PlayStation 5 reveal?
When will Sony finally do their big PlayStation 5 reveal?

According to the report, Sony was aiming to throw an event in early June 2020, which more than likely would have been another version of their State Of Play videos. Only this would have been on a grander scale and named something entirely different. Now it appears that plans have shifted slightly and that something big involving the PS5 will be happening later that month. By all accounts, it sounds like we will finally get a solid look at the PS5 console and what it can do, along with a showcase of first-party titles that will be released with it or near launch. The core detail that seems to be missing is a confirmed date and time for the event. If their previous announcements are any indication, we won't be told until 3-5 days before the event. We'll keep an eye out on this, but the reality is Sony won't let it slip until they decide when to reveal it.

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