"Star Wars: Legion": Preview of Rebel Veterans from FFG

With the recent release of both Bossk and Sabine, players of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Legion have pretty much hunkered down to paint up the newest specialists from that galaxy far, far away. But they won't have long, there's a new wave of reinforcements coming our way!

"Star Wars: Legion": Preview of Rebel Veterans from FFG
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

The Rebel Veterans unit expansion is set for release in the next few months, and the folks at Fantasy Flight Games were kind enough to release some details for this highly anticipated unit for Star Wars: Legion.

With this expansion, you can add two new corps units to your pack of Rebel freedom fighters. First, six unique Rebel Veteran miniatures can bolster your forces with instincts honed in the battles of the Galactic Civil War. Five of these miniatures wield A-280 blaster rifles with expert precision, while a CM-O/93 Trooper looks to land critical strikes against any invading Imperials.

First off, you'll get your standard core unit of four rebel troopers, and if I'm not mistaken, the first Sullustan released for Legion. These guys are packing blaster rifles and use black dice in combat. They also have advanced defenses over their regular trooper counterparts.

The veteran command figure looks suspiciously like Major Bren Derlin, who was played by John Ratzenberger in The Empire Strikes Back, which is a really nice touch.

"Star Wars: Legion": Preview of Rebel Veterans from FFG
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Rebel players will also be able to add an additional rebel trooper to their squad, and if you're looking for firepower, this unit has you covered!

Despite all their combat expertise, sometimes experience alone isn't enough to stop the march of the Empire. During these times, the Rebel Veterans can call upon a Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper to help even the odds. This emplacement trooper unit enters the battle as a separate corps unit, but it can only be deployed as a detachment from a unit of Rebel Veterans. Correspondingly, a unit of Rebel Veterans can only deploy a single Mark II Medium Blaster.

Once this blaster has been deployed at speed-1 of its Rebel Veterans unit, it is free to lend fire support to any friendly unit, adding its significant firepower to that unit's attack. Doing so prevents the Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper from making further attacks or movement that round, but this is a small price to pay for a massive attack that could potentially wipe out a critical enemy unit.

The Mark II Medium Blaster adds a hefty four black dice to a rebel unit's attack dice, which is pretty formidable indeed!

The Rebel Veterans Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion is up for pre-order now from your local game store!

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