T3 Arena Changes Things Up With Season Two Update

Indie developer and publisher TapTap has given T3 Arena a brand new update as they have released Season Two into the game. The season is being called Lights On, and with it comes a brand new playable character named Yaa. The season also brings with it some important updates for the game, four new maps to keep you occupied and on your ties, and some revamped game modes to bring a little something different to the table.  You can read more about the update below as it's available right now on iOS and Android.

T3 Arena Changes Things Up With Season Two Update
Credit: TapTap

Four new maps have entered the arena that are not only the largest and most complex maps to date, they also greatly impact the gameplay going forward. Each map will be tied to one mode, with maps like Temple Ruins being a part of Crystal Assault and Chinatown tied to Payload Race. Each map offers a new tactical advantage, with Temple Ruins featuring glass platforms that allows players to see enemies from above or below. An expert in track and field, Yaa races onto the scene with an emphasis on agility. Utilize her gale pistol to swiftly attack enemies with wind-based ammo.

In addition to her own active and passive abilities, Yaa has two ultimate abilities, one of which being Breezeblast where she can turn into an invincible tornado and sweep through enemies (need to stand out to blow the competition away, right?). Many game modes have also received some revamped mechanisms. For example, each Payload Escort match will now pack two rounds per game, where each team will swap between attack and defense sides. Changes like these will offer a new layer of team strategy that makes fast-paced matches more unpredictable than ever. T3 Arena is also expected to introduce a new competitive ranked mode in a September update.

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