Valiant Universe Deckbuilding Game Added to Unrivaled Tabletop Game Tournament

The Valiant Universe has just gotten a lot more competitive. The publisher's deckbuilding game set in the Valiant Universe, inventively titled "Valiant Universe: The Deckbuilding Game," will be featured as one of 16 tabletop games as part of the 2018 Unrivaled Tournament, claimed to be the world's largest tabletop gaming tournament by a press release. If you're skilled player, you can get in on the action by playing the game at satellite qualifiers and regional tournaments at participating locations around North America (maybe your local comic book shop is one). The finale of the tournament will be broadcast live from Las Vegas this fall, with top players earning $10,000 in cash prizes.

Okay, you're saying, but what the hell is this game all about? the press release has you covered there:

Taken from the pages of Valiant's critically acclaimed line of comics, in VALIANT UNIVERSE: THE DECKBUILDING GAME, players go up against Project Rising Spirit to infiltrate and seize their massive, hidden research installation located under Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Codenamed "the Facility," the structure uses unknown energies to morph and transform itself at will to keep horrid villains, dangerous creatures, alien entities, and top-secret research projects trapped within. Rumors of the Facility's existence and its most prized possessions have leaked, and the Valiant Universe's most powerful organizations – The Harbinger Foundation, the Renegades, G.A.T.E., and more – are taking an interest. Players purchase cards to craft a unique deck, then battle their way through the ever-changing Facility grid that moves during play, maneuvering their superhero miniatures to battle it out with other heroes for ultimate control! For more information about the game and how to order a copy, visit

Unrivaled CFO Greg Davis says:

We are thrilled to partner with Catalyst Game Labs and to have VALIANT UNIVERSE: THE DECKBUILDING GAME as part of our slate for Unrivaled's 2018 Tournament. The depth and complexity of the game adds a great element to the overall portfolio. We are sure that the strength of the Valiant brand and characters like Ninjak and Bloodshot will be a huge draw for our players.

While Loren L. Coleman, Director of Theoretical Gaming Sciences at Catalyst Games, maker of Valiant Universe, says:

I'm excited to see Catalyst's VALIANT UNIVERSE: THE DECKBUILDING GAME included in this awesome event!" said Loren L. Coleman, Director of Theoretical Gaming Sciences, Catalyst Game Labs. "It incorporates a new mechanic that will test veteran deckbuilders with dimensional thinking!

Bleeding Cool was unable to confirm that "Theoretical Gaming" is a real science, but we're pretty sure Professor Puffinbottoms has a degree in it.

Here's some more copypasta about the Unrivaled tournament from the press relase:

Unrivaled Tournament regional events bring employees and customers from local game stores together at parties held at GameWorks or comparable venues around the country to compete for prizes and a chance to win a seat at the four-day Grand Finale in Las Vegas. The Unrivaled Road Crew also recently set off in May to tour the country, appearing at local stores and gaming conventions, such as Gen Con and Origins, and offering additional opportunities for players to secure an entry in the Finale. Awards will also be earned by the stores represented by the players, so they can join them at the Finale. All game stores registering to become a sanctioned Unrivaled venue for 2018 will be invited to the regional events, space permitting. The first Regional event was held in Salt Lake City, Utah at Oasis Games on May 19th. For a complete schedule and information on how to register as a player or sponsoring store, visit

Good luck to the participants.

Valiant Universe Deckbuilding Game Added to Unrivaled Tabletop Game Tournament Valiant Universe Deckbuilding Game Added to Unrivaled Tabletop Game Tournament Valiant Universe Deckbuilding Game Added to Unrivaled Tabletop Game Tournament

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