Telltale Games: Major Layoffs and Possible Studio Shut Down


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Telltale Games is a Bay Area development studio best known for their episodic story games like The Walking Dead and Batman: The Enemy Within. While the studio's games have done extraordinarily well, Telltale's The Walking Dead has won several awards, with the final season currently in development. However, reports emerged today that the studio has laid off a number of employees and might be shutting its doors for good.

The Verge has reported that some of the employees laid off today were "let go with no severance." US Gamer has reported that an anonymous source told them "Telltale's closure was going to be complete."

The Verge's report also states that 25 employees will remain at Telltale to finish out The Walking Dead's final season which started last month. Episode two is scheduled for release next week.

From The Verge:

Telltale Games, creators of episodic adventure games like The Walking DeadThe Wolf Among Us, and Batman: The Enemy Within, laid off a large number of its staff today. The company will retain a small team of around 25. According to multiple sources The Verge spoke with, employees were let go with no severance.

These layoffs have come a few months after reports emerged about the studio constantly overworking its employees. The reports culminated in a lawsuit by co-founder and former CEO Kevin Bruner over financial damages.

The studio also laid off 90 employees last November, decimating its workforce, ostensibly to deliver fewer, better games with the smaller team.

So while Telltale's The Walking Dead will finish out its final seasaon, according to US Gamer's Matt Kim, both The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things are "effectively" cancelled.

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